Classic Pet Portraits
Classic Pet Portraits

Classic Pet Portraits

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Classic Pet Portraits result in a high-quality computer file that can be reproduced as framable artwork as well as printed on items such as mugs, mousepad, totes, aprons, and other things not shown here. All art is done by Sketch-Views founder, Karen Little. 

Examples of our portrait styles can be seen in Littleviews Sketch Gallery.

Included with your pet's portrait:

  • museum-quality poster, printed on thick and durable matte paper will be mailed to you.
  • A 11 or 15 ounce mug (your choice) will be sent to you with the portrait of your pet.
  • A 6x6 inch digital file that can be printed by a standard printer or shared on social media will be provided.

Note: Multiple images must be part of a single photo, sitting next to each other.

All shipping is free of charge within continental United States.