Commissioned Pet Portraits
Commissioned Pet Portraits

Commissioned Pet Portraits

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Commissioned Pet Portraits are the same as Free Pet Portraits except they are done at the request of the pet owner and to a specific schedule by artist, Karen Little.

Examples of our portrait styles can be seen in Littleviews Sketch Gallery. Click below for printing ideas:

Custom Printed Items

Included with your pet's portrait is:

  • A museum-quality poster, printed on thick and durable matte paper will be mailed to you.
  • An 11 ounce mug featuring your pet with your choice of background
  • A digital file that can be printed by a standard printer or shared on social media will be provided.

You will be assigned a private viewing room where you can see the final portrait, plus the portrait on various items of your choice. 

Submit your photo or photos in the form below. We will contact you by email.