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Sketch-Views Video Series

 We love to have you buy our scarves and when you do, here's how to wash and iron silk and other thin scarf materials.


Interested in knowing how to tie a scarf so it stays in place and remains stylish all day long? Just follow the tip in our "How to Secure a Scarf" video.


Here are some of our tips on how to design patters fit for fitting scarves, mugs, and other items.

 If you are interested in having us create your pet's portrait, or simply want to know how to pose your pet for photos, this video provides ten easy tips you can use to capture your pet's attention and everyone's heart when they see it.

Did you know it is easier to grow plants in containers without drainage holes? You'll find out just how easy it is by watching this tutorial. After seeing it, consider buying one or more of our Sketch-Views mugs to start your own colorful indoor garden.