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Karen LittleI started my Sketch-Views store in January 2020 and really made no effort to collect reviews until around June.

Anyway, so you know what others think of my pet portrait work, I hunted around in various email accounts as well as in Facebook and gathered several (not all) comments.

Here are examples of what my clients say - if you commission me to do your pet, I hope you can add your voice to this list!

  • Lisa: Wow! It all came out so good! 

  • Susan: Adorable Karen. Absolutely looks like our sweet Lilly. ... You are so very talented!

  • Pam: LOVE!!!!!

  • Barb: AWWW. OMG so cute!! Totally looks like him…you did a great job!

  • Mark: OMG!!! I love it Karen!!!

  • Shy: Wow! That’s absolutely wonderful! I love them, Karen!

  • Russ: My cat is very proud!

  • Ana: Oooo the beautiful picture!

  • Jan: Oh my goodness!!! I love it!! 

  • Donna: You are SO talented in SO many ways!

  • Cheryl: Your pet portraits are adorable. 

  • Andrea: Karen that is AWESOME!
  • Kendra: So cute!!!!!

  • Jessie: You captured his face perfectly. We love it. 
  • Sandy: That’s absolutely beautiful!! And perfect!

  • Jan: Oh my they look great. I love them!

And from a Doxie group I supported with portraits: Eyes are so lifelike! ... Awwww, so cute! ... Looks alive. ... That's my furbaby! ... Really cute! ... Glad you picked me! ... Thanks for the memorial ... more

The purpose of having a hand-drawn pet portrait made is to have fun during the creative process as well as to learn whether the artist sees your pet's special qualities like you do.

I love working with pet owners (especially as I can't have any where I live) and am very pleased to report that pet owners love working with me!

Karen Little