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About Sketch-Views

Sketch-Views is the Gift Shop Division of Littleviews.com. Sales from Sketch-Views pay for Littleviews' mission.

Littleviews encourages people to start sketching and to love the sketches they do from their very first drawing! It also encourages people to sketch as groups at sporting and other social events in addition to on their own.

Littleviews provides tips and techniques that helps people draw more balanced work, where one part of a drawing relates correctly to the rest, and shows them how to explore a wide variety of techniques.  

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Products on Skitch-Views primarily show exclusive illustrations (rather than sayings) and crafts, all of which change throughout the year.

Note that between spring and fall, you can meet founder, Karen Little, at outdoor events and group classes. For dates and places, sign up for our newsletter!

Questions? Contact Karen Directly!   

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